Friday, 30 May 2014

Journal Prompts List 1 - 50

Hello Journal Lovers!!

I love to make lists. So I thought it would be fun to share my own Journal prompts with you guys!
I do a 'List a week' in my Filofax. I have a section in my Filofax for Lists of Journal Prompts, which I made the prompts myself. Weekly I pick one journal prompt from the list and answer it in a list way.

Here's my Journal Prompts List 1 - 50 (just for starters!)

Ideas for Binders
Organizing tips
10 Things from Bucket list
Perfect playlist
Favourite websites
Morning routine
Night routine
Pet names you like
Favourite blogs
Reasons for loving christmas
Few things from Wishlist
Hobbies you enjoy
Favourite quotes
Favourite sweets/chocolate
Favourite apps on phone
Favourite stationary items
Phases you'd like to see on a T-shirt
Things you don't leave home without
Favourite things you own
Things you wish didn't exist
Jobs you'd enjoy
The world needs more...
Reasons to...
Things you miss about being a child
Questions you'd like answers to
Things you would love to learn
Parties you would love to host
Things you do with your spare time
Celebrities you love
Whats in your bed side drawer
Tabs in your Filofax
Types of journals
My family would describe me as...
Places I would love to visit
Reasons to start...
Reasons to quit...
I am at my best when...
If i won the lottery I would...
Favourite places I have visited
Favourite girls names
Favourite boys names
Favourite scents and smells
Lists to make
Jobs I have had
What would you take on a island
Movies to see
Favourite movies
Favourite TV shows
Hobbies I've done


Sunday, 25 May 2014

Free printables for Filofax or Planners

Here is a list of the free printables I use in my Filofax:

Please check out the free printables I have collected on Pinterest as well :)

How I organise my Filofax

My A5 Filofax & planner organiser pouch

Please note: This is going to be a super long post, so if you don't like planning and organising posts, don't say I didn't warn you :)

Hello again! 
Today I thought it would be fun to share my ideas and how I organise my Filofax
I know we all organise different to suit our own needs and I've seen some wonderful ideas out there on Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube. I have had this Filofax for a year now and finally (after loads of changes over the year) I have organised it the perfect way for me. I don't tend to buy the Filofax inserts in the shops as they are not cheap for paper! That I can just print off myself from free websites and blogs. I love looking for free printables on Pinterest and so grateful for the people that designed them. I have found loads of different styles and found ones that suit me. I will link all the free printables at the end of this post so you know where to find them.

This is how I organise my Filofax in order (in detail & photos)...

When you open my Filofax, I keep an 'Ideas Journal' notebook inside, where I write down all ideas so I can remember them. I highlight them in colour code so I know what I'm looking at when I'm going back through the pages.

Colour code for Ideas Journal...
  • Green - Organising / Planning
  • Blue - To print out
  • Pink - Projects / To dos
  • Purple - To transfer to somewhere else (different notebook/Journal)
  • Yellow - Things to check out/Research
  • Orange - Kids ideas 

Ideas Journal

I also keep a 'A6 Cash book' which I brought from this stationary shop online called Sticker stack. I was very happy with the way it was laid out for budgeting. I keep it up to date each month to track what I'm spending by using a daily spent tracker sheet, monthly tracker sheet and internet banking.

A6 Cash book

The First page in my Filofax (and probably other peoples Filofax) is my Dashboard and reminders bookmark. I labelled mine with my name and dashboard, and added few stickers and a photo of my son as a baby. I keep the dashboard for sticky post-it notes and page tags.The reminders bookmark I put sticky notes on there for quick things I need to remember, instead of flicking through my Filofax to find. 
Reminders bookmark

My dashboard
Then the next pages after the dashboard...
  • A small zipped side pocket with dot-it stickers, star stickers and extra stickers.
  • A open top pocket with pretty card stock to use for pens that bleed through the pages and letter reminders. Also I sometimes keep Penpal letters I need to reply back to in there.
  • Another open top pocket with my 'Nightly Filofax checklist'.
Nightly Filofax checklist

I will do another post on my 'Nightly Filofax checklist'. Its basically things I need to do in my Filofax to keep it up to date. I do this every night before bed.

Next page after is the Filofax yearly calendar (kept from the actual Filofax itself).
I do have a colour code highlighted system for this.

Colour code:
  • Blue - Birthdays
  • Yellow - Events
  • Green - Appointments
  • Orange - Notable dates (which this page comes with the Filofax itself)
  • Pink - School holidays (As I work in a school I need to know days I get off work)
Next page after is a New year's resolutions sheet.


Now onto the Tabs I have on the side. I have 6 tab dividers to section off each subject.

Tabs on side:
  1. Personal
  2. Diary
  3. Contacts
  4. Money
  5. Lists
  6. Notes
1. Personal section 
  • Personal information (came with Filofax)
  • Notable dates on the back of personal information page
  • Map (came with Filofax)
  • Photos of my family

2. Diary section
  • Running to do list clipped onto a patterned flyleaf (I made the flyleaf wider so I can easily flick to this. I would choose the things I want to do on that day, and add to my daily sheet)


Tabs in the Diary section at the top:
  • Yearly
  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Daily

Top tabs

Yearly section:
  • Yearly to dos list (end of December)
  • Year at a glance
  • Dates to remember
  • Overview of the year 
  • Yearly goals

Year at a glance sheet

Dates to remember sheet

Overview of the year

Yearly to dos

Monthly section:
  • Monthly to dos list (1st of every month)
  • Last months calendar sheet (so already been filled in)
  • No spend month calendar 
  • Monthly/Weekly colour code bookmark
  • This months calendar 
  • Monthly goal tracker 
  • School holidays list

Monthly to dos

Monthly calendar

Monthly goal tracker

Weekly section:
  • Weekly to dos list (Sunday planning)
  • Goals for this week (on post-it sticky notes)
  • Weekly house chores list
  • Week on 2 pages
  • This weeks tasks

Weekly to dos

Goals for this week

Weekly house chores list

Monthly/Weekly colour code system

This weeks task sheet

Daily section:
  • Daily to dos list
  • Daily sheet explained sheet
  • Daily schedule
  • Bullet Journal key code (also use for my daily sheets)
  • Daily sheets (I did make my own but I found the perfect sheet from Etsy. The shop owner was very helpful. Shop - Myuncluttedlife

Daily to dos

Bullet code key code

Daily sheet (Etsy shop: Myuncluttedlife)

What this Daily sheet contains - 
Schedule, Daily routine morning and evening, To do's, Notes, Water intake, I am grateful for, Cleaning routine morning and evening, Shopping list, Meal plan, Expenses.

 3. Contacts section:
  • Family contacts
  • Work contacts
  • Take away contacts
  • Health contacts
  • Schools contacts
  • Other contacts
  • Birthdays tab at the top - Birthdays  

Contacts sheet

 4. Money section:
  • Business card holder
  • Payments due calendar (highlighted)
  • Monthly payments sheet (Direct debit/Cash payments)
  • Yearly payments, Weekly payments
  • Monthly income, Weekly income sheet
  • Monthly budget planner (I plan first on paper, then try and spend them amounts in real life)
  • Save up sheet
  • Daily spent tracker
  • Monthly budget tab at the top - bookmark with 'Amounts spent' colour code system on
  • Month calendar to add the amounts spent on each day (so I know where my money has gone)
  • Outstanding debt sheet
  • Year at a glance (budget)
  • Orders

Daily spent tracker

'Amounts spent' colour code system

Monthly amounts spent calendar (colour coded from code above)

5. Lists section:
  • List of lists in this section
  • List of the day Journal prompts (I type up my own)
  • Wish list
  • Gift list
  • Apps on Iphone
  • Bucket list (which I might take out and put in an A5 binder)
  • Blogs I love
  • Websites I love
  • Spring cleaning checklist
  • Hobby list
  • My son's development
  • Usernames
  • Ideas for project life 
  • Free printables list
  • Reading list
  • Shops online I love
  • Travel photo checklist
  • Laundry list
  • Storage list 
  • Projects to complete

This is where I write my 'List of the day Journal prompt'
 (This insert is from the Etsy shop - Stationera)

Then I have a tab at the top for Meal Planning  
  • Meals for the week (on post-it sticky notes - so can move them to daily sheets)
  • Meals for this month (costs of ingredients to work out)
  • Meal ideas
  • Helpful kitchen conversions

Meals for this week (I put post-it sticky notes on here)

Helpful kitchen conversions sheet

6. Notes section:
  • Cute note paper
  • Penpal letter sheets - paper clipped  (I brought the paper from Etsy shop called Stationera) 

Note paper I use for penpal letters (Etsy shop - Stationera)

So thats how I organise my Filofax. I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts, if you would like to comment below or email me Also you can find me on Instagram @shopaholic2400 or Pinterest.


Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Mail System

I used to hate sorting the bills out and getting tons of junk mail through the door. I never used to sort it out straight away either. It used to get piled up on the kitchen counter and left there for days.
Now a days its all done and I don't know why I never sorted it out sooner as its such an easy task to do.

This is how we sort out the mail in our home...

We have a Mail rack holder and pen pot ( in case need to put any sticky notes on letters ).

I go through the mail daily, as soon as it comes through the door in the morning.
 - I throw out any junk mail (the rubbish you get through your door is madness).
 - I check when bills need to be paid, and write them in my Filofax/calendar.
 - I cut out the vouchers and pop them into my Filofax wallet (Budget organizer).
 - I write appointments and invitations in Filofax/calendar.

The letters will not be filed until Sunday (weekly), they get stored on the Mail rack holder for now (but least all information is all written down somewhere).

Then when Sunday comes along, the mail (should now be a week worth full of mail, but all written down somewhere) gets filed in the 'Home filing system' binder.

 'Home filing system' binder

 The 'Home filing system' binder is labelled and the mail gets filed into each section appropriately.

The tabs are labelled as followed:
  • Personal records
  • Health records
  • Home records (rent)
  • TV/Virgin media
  • Benefits
  • Work records 
  • Car records
  • Bills / Statements
  •  Finance
  • Pet records
  • Tax
  • Warranties (also warranty sheet gets written out)
  • Instruction booklets
  • Paper and envelopes

This is the Warranty sheet that I fill out, but this sheet gets stored in the 'Home management' binder. The actual warranty itself gets stored in the 'Home filing system' binder. This is a free printable from lifeyourway. There is also other free amazing printables on there.

- Take away Menus are filed in my 'Home management' binder (which I'll write about in another post).

I found this 'Keep it for...' sheet on cleanmama, which tells you how long to keep mail for, and other things. Also a great site for free printables. 

Well that's how I organize my Mail system. Be great to hear your ideas or see any photos on Instagram or Pinterest.

Thank you for taking the time to read!

Welcome to My New Blog

Welcome to my new blog. I'm really excited about doing this blog as I want to show you how I organize and plan my life. People have different ways of organizing and planning and be lovely for your ideas too, so any ideas you would like to share with me, would be great. I love to be inspired by peoples ideas. You can email me at For anyone who has instagram or pinterest, please follow me! [if interested of course ;)]