Saturday, 15 November 2014

My Daily Routine & Storage


This is my Daily routine, accept on the days that I go out as I tend not to do much house chores on those days.

At the moment I am using a A6 planner from The Journal shop.
I am in love with it as I love the size, the feel of it and the layout of it.

I use my A6 planner as a journal mainly and a little bit of planning also. I use it everyday. I do tend to use it the same way as the Bullet journal with the codes, index and page numbers. Just helps me to find what I'm looking for.

I keep my Daily to dos at the front of this planner.
I have numbers next to each task, and I write the numbers out every day instead of the actual tasks. Then I tick off the numbers once I've done the task that it relates to.

Main Daily To Dos
- House chores
- Check calendar
- Beauty routine
- Mail - sort
- Spend tracker
- Journal

I tend to do my house chores in the morning, after a cup of tea. (I love my cup of teas :) )

I keep a monthly calendar in my A6 planner/journal, and make sure I look at it every day. Also keep my monthly tasks and my monthly goals on this page.

I have a monthly calendar colour code using coloured dot stickers (which I adore). I also stick the coloured dots on the daily pages when I need them also.

Colour code for monthly calendar:

Bigger dots -
Blue - Birthdays
Red - Appointments
Green - Events
Yellow - Holiday

Smaller dots -
Blue - School holidays
Green - Order Asda
Yellow - Public holiday

We also have a weekly calendar on the fridge along with a shopping list.
(When I go get my shopping, I take the shopping list and clip it into my A5 Filofax flex, to take with me.)

I had this weekly sheet custom made from Etsy from Polkadotposie.

On weekly sheet:
- Weather - I write this in so I know what the weather is like for the week, so I can plan things.
- Day column - I write events, appointments, etc..
- Dinner plans column - I write in the dinners were having for the week. (I meal plan as we buy fresh food and tends to go out of date on different days, I sort it in order so no food will get wasted)
- Weekly to dos - All things that need to get done in the week.
- Ideas list - projects, blog posts, dinners, things to do, etc...
- Shopping list - I use this list to put down items but not food items (as I have a separate one on the fridge for that)
- House chores list - I put down the days and what needs to be done -
I have a weekly house chores list (apart from the daily to dos which needs to be done every day).

Weekly to dos -
Monday - Bath room
Tuesday - Bed rooms
Wednesday - DUST
Thursday - Clean all kitchen appliances
Friday - Clean door handles, mirrors, windows, switches
Saturday - Just daily chores
Sunday - Vacuum (sweeping up gets done every day)

Beauty routine:
We all have our different routines. Long or short ;)

When the mail comes, I like to sort it out straight away so no junk around the house.
There is a blog post on this....please click here!

Spend tracker:
Lately I have been tracking our money as sometimes I don't know where it is going.
I have a A6 cash book and inside I have the date, item and cost laid out on the top of the page.
You can find this cash book on the website sticker stack.

I use a colour code system for this also. I just use my stabilo coloured pens to colour small squares next to the prices.

Colour code system for Cash book:

Green - Groceries
Orange - Petrol/car related
Yellow - Gas/electric
Red - MISC
Pink - Save
Purple - Take away
Blue - Nursery

I journal every day. I think its nice to have something to look back on. I've been journaling every since I was 9 years old.

Things in my journal -

Stick in:
Pictures from pinterest or a photo of the day (I love photos! I have tons of photo albums)

Write in:
Quotes - sometimes when the page is blank
What happened today
Review of the year at the back
Daily to dos - numbers only
Meal daily - B - Breakfast
                     L - Lunch
                     D - Dinner

Doodle in:
Borders and Zen doodles when bored really

I have a monthly tracker on graph paper. I don't stick it in the planner/journal, I just use a paper clip as I don't need it to be stuck down in there. (as I just throw it away later when not needed)
I have the titles on the side and numbers across the top. Then I colour in with just black pen the things I did on that day just to keep track of.

List of things I track:
- No junk food
- Water (I write in the number of glasses had)
- Dogs bath
- Asda ordered
- Dye hair (sounds silly, but I dye my hair every 8 weeks and like to see how long it was so can dye it again haha)
- Paid Sons nursery
- Take away
- Exercise
- Photo (I try to take one every day for my journal)
- Spend tracker

I also use a A5 Bullet journal inside my Filofax flex. (Keep my cash book and shopping lists and the weekly sheet inside the Filofax flex also)
The A5 Bullet journal is just for notes and reminders - basically its a brain dump. I tend to have it near me all the time and anything I need to write in there, I just quickly jot it down. Even if its a scribble or one word. I use the bullet journal codes so easy to track what's what. I transfer anything I need to write down in my A6 planner/journal just before I go to bed.

I've kept a Bullet journal for about a year now and I'm in love. I actually stopped using my Daily Filofax because of the Bullet journal. I use my Filofaxes for other uses now. (maybe another blog post ;) )

A6 planner = Planner/Journal
A5 Filofax flex = Bullet journal = Brain dump, cash book, weekly to dos sheets, shopping list sheets

...and I use these both every day.

Grocery lists at the back, clipped in for when I need them at the shops.

Now onto some storage things I have around my house that I love and want to share :)

Organising drawers, baskets, tubs, and anything else you can think of = easy life!!

You always know where everything is, it never gets lost!

 If you take something out, put it back.

 Everything has a home.

Favourite storage things:

- Junk drawer in the living room - toys get put in there when there just lying about on the floor and my son isn't playing with them. End of the day I put them into his bed room.

- Basket - I have a gorgeous wicker basket with handles on the sides. I use this before bed for a 10 minute pick up around the house of things that don't belong in the rooms. Then transfer the things in the right room, where they belong.

- Junk bowl - I have a junk bowl where little bits and pieces go. Batteries, small screw drivers and pennies and things I need to give back to family members, those things normally end up there. This bowl gets sorted at the end of the week (if I remember).

- The blue bowl - My partners keys, wallet, bank cards, extra money, gets put in there. (As he always lose things lol)

- We have a savings tin (for wedding fund unless we decide to go on a holiday lol) - its one of those tins where if you want the money out, you have to use a can opener. Best idea!

- Dining table items - We keep coasters, place mats, seasonings, and straws in a cupboard in the living room.

- Tubs labelled in the 1st kitchen drawer - (I love labelling things) Yankee candles, lighters, birthday candles, pens, chalk, first aid, headache tablets (lol), plasters, and bag clips.

- Tubs in 2nd kitchen drawer - sandwich bags, freezer bags, small bowls with lids, small jars, flask, lunch bag (for work) and pocket tissues.

- Baskets in kitchen under sink x 2 - 1. Sponges, dusters, scrub brushers, flash wipes, bin liners and bin bags.  2. Tea towels and small iron.

- Laundry baskets - We have a big laundry basket on top of the tumble dryer. Then small buckets with handles for each person in the house. When washing is all dry, it all goes into the big laundry basket first (in the morning). Then in the evening, normally while dinner is cooking, it all gets transferred in the right buckets. Then the buckets get transferred into the rooms and either I sort it out or my partner does.

I hope that all made sense. Any questions just comment below or email me

Thank you for reading xoxo

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