Saturday, 7 November 2015

GTD - Planner weekly review

So the week has ended and now its time to start 'weekly review' in your planner...
GTD style!

Firstly, questions to ask yourself:

Did you get things done on your to do list?
Any goals completed? or any closer to your goals?
Did you spend your time wisely? What did you do?
Have you learnt anything from the week?

Create an INBOX and OUTBOX:

Inbox - any mail that comes in that needs to be dealt with (I include penpal letters) / or even things that just needs to be sorted out in general

Outbox - things going out / to be posted / taken back to the shop etc...

  • Empty your head - I write things down in my A6 brain dump notebook
  • Empty INBOX or add dates to your calendar
  • Clean up emails/paper notes
  • Organise them by priority
  • If it takes five minutes - DO IT NOW!
  • Calendar update - schedule things that you need to get done for the next week
  • Write down things you need to get done in general

Create a weekly review checklist:
  1. Mark off completed actions
  2. Review action lists
  3. review calendar data
  4. review upcoming on calendar
  5. review waiting for list
  6. Review project list
  7. Review other checklists you may have
  8. Review someday/maybe lists
  9. Review goals
  10. Review ideas

Use the Trigger list to remind you of things that you may have forgotten

Here is an interesting video: GTD video

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