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A1 What do you track in your Filofax/Planner?

Hello Filofax & Planner Fans! The Deadline has now gone and its time to show your answers to the first question of Planner Corner. Firstly, I would like to thank you all for taking part and sharing with us. This Blog post wouldn't be here if it wasn't for all you great people who joined in. So a huge thank you!!!! I am sorry if I missed parts out from your answers, please email me to let me know, so I can update.

I asked for 5 Things that you track in your Filofax/Planner..... it is.... {Grab a tea/coffee, read and enjoy!!}

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The Answers!!
'What do you track in your Filofax/Planner'?

5 Things I track in my Filofax:

  • Blog Plans
  • Goals
  • Spending
  • Health - Food log, Water, Vitamins, Weight, Calories, Mood
  • Both of my Sons development/Milestones


Now to let the Public Filofax/Planner Fans do the talking...

Kerry Bonham  
Instagram: @kerensa1706
Here are my 5 things:

1. Week on 2 pages, including tick-boxes for water, exercise and any short term medication (eg antibiotics etc)

2. Monthly tasks on Month on 2 pages

3. General Notes

4. Specific To Do list

5. Personal notes, including my 365/30 lists.

Elissa Vaughan
Instagram: @elissaplans 

I am currently using two planners. One Pocket size for every day use, and one A5 for my blog and Etsy shop planning. I have only just started using this system, but so far it is working great!

5 of the many things that I track in my planners are:

- Bills/Expenses
- Online orders I'm waiting for
- Blog planning 
- Photo challenges
- Wish lists

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Nyobi Kocchi
Instagram: @imohoshii

First of all, I think tracking is very important especially for people who easily forget like me. Tracking also serves as a tool to chart and see how consistent you are. Since I carry and log into my planner on a regular basis, I find it a very convenient place to track several items. 

Here are a few of mine :

1. Wellness

I use this to track my weight and the workouts I'm doing. Once I'm settled on a workout plan I need to make sure I stick with that plan until I've reached my goals. For my meals,
I usually incorporate it into my daily pages. I also track when do I take my meds.

2. Projects

I have several art pieces that I want to finish, and to track them simultaneously I use a chart. I divide the goal columns into : Rough, Sketch, Lineart, Color, Shade, Effects and Background. This way I would know which artworks I can finish in awhile while others would need more time.

3. Blog

I log in my statistics, input and requests from my readers, as well as upcoming blog posts or drafted posts that I need to write or finish.

4. Reading List

I'm a bookaholic and read several books at once, so I track what are the books I'm currently reading, acquired but not yet reading, finished, stopped, and the ones I want to buy.

5. Cleaning/Chores

I list my daily, weekly, and monthly chores that I need to do. Every month I make a big chart and just tick off the specified chores as I've done them. Seeing reoccurring ticks make me motivated to clean again the next time. :)

Instagram: @filofaxgirl

In my A5 - It's my family/household planner:
1. All the appointments for me and my boyfriend

2. All of our important address

3. Meal Planner

4. Cleaning stuff

In my pocket (my own planner):
1. Appointments and things I need to do

2. I've got a granny 'square tracker, because I want to make one at least every day.

3. 25 before 26 list. Not started yet because my birthday is at the end of this month.

4. To do list.

5. A goal list. 

Rene Cartagena Kariel 

Here are 5 things I track in my Erin Condren Life Planner:

1. Work things - meetings/events/deadlines you name it, I include it.
2. Personal/Family things - doc appts, mani/pedi's, scrapbook sessions etc

3. To-Do's - anything I need to get accomplished in a day, week, or even longer.

4. Food - Dinner always goes into my planner so I know what to make each night

5. Free Prints  - whenever there is a coupon for free photo prints I mark it down.  I never want to pay more than shipping if I don't need to. 

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Instagram: @Creative.tonette

Things I track:

1. To dos

2. Life inserts to track school

3. Pets

4. What I'm doing this week, month or year

Cassie Larivee 

I have 6 broad categories. Exercise, Daily/Weekly Pages, Financials, Cleaning/Routine (FlyLady), Project Focus (basically just random notes of works in progress and crafty ideas, etc), and Reference Pages (birthdays, logins, employment info, etc).

My workout/exercise log is from Bikini Body Mommy (

I'm still in progress of updating everything the way I'd like it (the neverending story of planner life, eh? ;-) )



Lisa Ford
Instagram: @UK_Planner 

Here's 5 things that I use my planner (Erin Condren Life Planner) for:

1. Keeping track of all my appointments/ work schedule/kids activities - I'd be lost if I didn't keep track of where I have to be and son plays a lot of football and I am the secretary of his team so I have a lot of things to keep track of.

2.  My weight loss and fitness. I'm still trying to get the last stone (and a bit *cough cough*) off after having my daughter 5 years ago 😳 I find it's harder to bury my head in the sand if I have to write it down every week.

3. My finances. I like to track everything that goes in and out of my bank account. I also like to set myself a budget each month - especially for things like planner supplies so I don't end up half way through the month with 50 new rolls of washi but no money to do the food shop!

4.  Books to read. I love reading but end up getting lost in You Tube videos if I don't have anything specific to read. I'm trying to start building up a list of books that I want to read...because we all love ticking something off a list so I have inventive to read them!

5. RAK's  I'm in quote a few Facebook groups and quite often send and receive RAK's. I like to keep track so I remember if there is anyone in particular that I want to send a RAK to.


Susana Paço 

Odd things that I track at the moment -
- The progress/milestones of my thesis. 
- My aquarium routines.

  • Health - Here is an A5 insert I created (it works for pain management, allergy management, daily log, really important when trying to find the root of some health problems)


Hope you enjoyed reading! Thank you again to the people who took part.
If you would like to take part next time for Question No 2, please check in to my Blog on 17th September to see the next question posted.