Monday, 24 November 2014

The Happy Project! ... includes free insert.

Hi Everyone!

I created a FREE insert called 'The Happy Project!'   (A5 only ... sorry)


About the 'The Happy Project!'...
It is an insert to keep track of your HAPPINESS!!
All the categories are down the left side of the page.
You use this insert daily to track each category and mark it out if 5 (you can see the numbers on top of the page). You can either tick it, colour it in or use a coloured dot sticker. You could even colour code it for fun!

The numbers are up to 5. Here is the rating of what the numbers mean...
1. Stressed all the time
2. Unhappy - little stressed
3. Okay
4. Comfortable
5. Happy

The categories along with the meanings...
  • Love - Do you feel loved? Do you feel love for others? Do you like who you are? Do you have romance in your life?  
  • Family - Do you see your family enough? Do they make an effort with you? Do you have good relationships with your parents/siblings? Do you spend enough time with your children?
  • Money - Do you need to save money? Should you be spending less? Are you in debt with anything?
  • Health - Do you get enough exercise? Do you eat healthy? Do you feel healthy? Do you drink enough water?
  • Career - Do you know what type of career you would like? Do you enjoy your job? Do you ever feel stressed because of your job? Do you get paid enough? Are you a hard worker?
  • Social life - Do you have time for your friends? Do your friends have time for you? Do you make new friends?
  • Relaxation - Are you getting enough sleep? Do you find it hard to relax? Do you feel stressed often? Do you pamper yourself often?
  • Home - Do you like the area you live in? Is your home clutter free? Is your home relaxing? Is it tidy and organised? Is there enough light?
  • Fun - Are you creative? Do you have hobbies? Do you enjoy being out doors? Do you enjoy cooking? Are you having enough me time?
The point to this insert is to see what your life is like, who you are as a person and if you would like to change any parts of your life. Some things might be really simple to change and some might take weeks or even months. You will have an understanding of what you want out of life, and know if you are HAPPY!
Another way you could see this insert is to actually see your life changing. Noticing changes in your life as time just flies by.

It might help you to make a list of goals. You could make small goals first then more challenging as the weeks go by. I would start with a list of 5 goals each week (small to start with).

I hope you enjoy this insert and have fun with it. xoxo