Wednesday, 16 December 2015

Stickers - Show & Tell

Happy Holidays!

Sorry I've been absent from my blog. It's so busy around Christmas time, trying to get things done. We got the Christmas tree (Santa's tree, my son likes to call it lol) late this year, normally have it up before 1st December but put it up last week. Also with all the things going on we forgot to get the kids chocolate advert calendars and then realised by the 5th but all out of stock everywhere we went. Upset about it as we get them every year. Instead we used the chocolate from the tree, each day they have one :)

Hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas holidays so far!

Here is my long overdue stickers show and tell post.

These are the stickers I brought few weeks back and love them, so wanted to share them with you.

I brought these pretty dot stickers for my calendar and maybe use them to write dates on them.

Stickers are from Cosmic Stickers

I wanted to buy all the stickers from this shop! Just beautiful stickers here.
I brought some tab stickers, which are floral :)
I really love the weather stickers.
The beer stickers are for when my partner goes out to pub to play pool with his brother. So I like to track that as when he spends money, I get money he spent lol (we share money here! :) )

These stickers are from keena prints

These lovely stickers are from Karen pringle @ The Plump Planner

Calendar stickers and weather stickers from Plan With Jade

Lovely stickers from Pemberley Prints