Sunday, 3 January 2016

Journals/Planner using this year 2016

Happy New Year everyone!!

2016 is finally here and hope you've all made your New Year's Resolutions, because I haven't haha.
I need to know, just don't know what to put on it this year. No point losing weight as I'm pregnant lol, already stopped eating junk food anyways because gone off it haha. I'm a little lost this year as I quit my job in November for good reasons. First time I've been jobless as worked since I left school, so been working for 9 years. My partner now brings the money in and I am a stay at home Mummy/housewife. Its good though because I'm not missing any time out with my partner as he works nights so only missing my evenings with him. Not all my evening though as he works 4 days a week. So its all good :) Anyways...

Are you looking forward to anything this year?
[I did have a hot air balloon flight to look forward to in March but found out that I can't go now I'm pregnant as they won't let you :( oh well lol]

I've put a Pinterest board together called '2016' , some good ideas on there. Click here if you would like to check it out.

Right then...

Journals / Planner I'm using this year:

1. Filofax Domino patent personal organiser in Turquoise as my Planner

The set up isn't complete yet as I'm still working on it. Trying to combine Filofax and Bullet journal together. So far only have the monthly and weekly inserts. I'm not using any stickers or deco in here though as the pages will just be thrown away once I've finished with them.

2. Kikki K cute large diary as my everyday diary

I will be using stickers in this :)
I haven't started it as yet but so excited as I have never owned anything Kikki K. Its just so pretty!! I love the set up too and the pages have already got pretty borders around the edges.
Here's a YouTube video I found of the Kikki K cute large diary - Click here!

3. Happy planner / Create365

I'm not using this as a planner or dairy. I'm using it for my photos.
This year I'm doing 'A Photo A Day' project!
(This actually could be one of my Goals this year, to keep this project up and not to quit!)

Thought this page every month is lovely to fill out :)

So this is the layout of the weeks. This is how I'm planning to use the happy planner ...

A. Highight of the day/or something that made me happy

B. The Photo of the day! (Which I'm taking pictures from my phone and printing off using an photo app).

C. A quote that relates to the day. (I was gonna put a journal prompt each day but I'm using a different notebook for journal prompts).

4. Little book of quotes and inspiration/notes to self.

Been adding quotes and other things that I find on pinterest or else where into this little book.

5. Mind journal.

I'm not sure if I'm going to be using this as the same way as I've been using it. I think I might just store my thoughts in this notebook. If interested in how I was using my Mind journal, please click here!

6. 2016 Year book

I'm still working out how I'm going to use this notebook, as I want it to be perfect.

So this is what I'm thinking of putting into this notebook...

Monthly -
  • Tasks
  • Overview
  • Favourites
  • Child development/Milestones
  • Photo colleges
  • Goals
  • Things brought
  • Playlist
  • Currently Tv shows watching, book reading, Movies
  • Calendar / log
  • What I've learnt
Other things -
  • Year overview
  • Journal prompts - Daily
  • Bucket list
  • Hobby list
  • Happy list/Gratitude
  • Happening in the world
  • Prices of things (Yearly) - Petrol, bread, milk etc.
  • Current - (Yearly) - Car, Job, Pets, House etc.
  • Photo - (Yearly) - Myself, Family, Kids, Partner, Friends.

Thanks for reading xoxo