Sunday, 8 November 2015

Weekly Favourites [08/11/2015]

This week I have been looking at the 'Happy planners - create 365'.  If you are not familiar with these, here is the link to the website. (Click here)

I actually ordered mine from Amazon as I live in the UK and I haven't seen them anywhere else. Here is the link to the one I ordered on Amazon.

I am not going to be using my Happy planner as a actual planner. I will do a blog post of how I'm going to use it as soon as it arrives.

Two other things I have ordered this week, is an Index card holder with index cards and a small desk weekly planner. I ordered the Index card holder from Paperchase and the small desk weekly planner from Amazon. 

I will do another blog post on how I will be using the Index cards. I am very excited!

The small desk weekly planner is going to be used to just quickly jot down what happens during the day. Sometimes I find it easier to jot things down quickly on something that's already open on my desk, rather than in a notebook that I have to get out my drawer.

Something I have been looking into this week is the GTD style (Getting things done). I do have the book (the old version), but I actually haven't read it all. 
Please check out my latest blog post - GTD - Planner weekly review

Lets jump into my weekly favourites this week! Please grab yourself a cuppa tea and sit, relax and read :)

Planners I was going to buy (instead of the Happy planner):
  • planner
  • Heidi swap memory planner
  • Heidi swap black and white planner (couldn't find it from UK, but think Anna Brim is selling the gold one, I believe)
  • Inkwell Press planner - which I don't think is available in the UK.

So here is some youtube videos that made me want these planners:

Blog posts I read up on about Index card system:

Inspiring pictures of pretty planners:

Instagram people I've started following:

Etsy shop found this week:

GTD (Getting things done) blogs that are good reads:

YouTube videos on GTD:

That's all this week! Thanks for reading xoxo