Thursday, 12 November 2015

Mind Journal

Aswell as using my Bullet Journal daily (& my Brain dump notebook), I also use my Mind Journal.

Notebook I use: Leuchtturm1917 (A5 size) in Emerald colour. 

Why I wanted this 'Mind Journal' notebook seperate to my Bullet Journal:
This notebook is a lot more personal than my Bullet Journal, which means I wouldn't take it out of the house with me. 

So heres what I write in my 'Mind Journal' ...


Quotes & Inspiration pages
Bedtime Yoga 
Mood chart
On my mind
Balance of life (monthly)
Gratitude list
Mood boards
Life goals
List of things I love
Yoga workouts

Quotes & Inspiration pages -

I like to get my quotes and inspiration from Pinterest. I either write them down or print things off and stick it into the notebook. 

Here is a few of my Pinterest boards related to my Mind Journal:
Write in Mind Journal
Positive thinking/relax/the mind
Mindful/Positive thinking

Bedtime Yoga - 

I know bedtime yoga sounds silly (cause it did to me before I found a blog post and video on it). 

Its very relaxing before bed.

Here is the blog post and video I found on Bedtime Yoga - Click here!

Mood chart -

The Mood chart is good at tracking how stressed out I am, within the month. I have two very active young kids under 5 years old and I do feel that I get stressed out quite a bit. 

My colour code system:
Yellow - Happy
Blue - Sad
Green - Okay
Red - Angry
Orange - Stressed

Feelings/Thoughts -

I write down (daily if possible) all the feelings or thoughts I had that day. 

Things that have been playing on my mind or that I think a lot about. 

On my mind - 

I write down whats on my mind at that time.

I might take this out of the Journal as its similar to the 'Feelings/Thoughts' page. 

Suppose its more of a quick glance of whats been on my mind in that month. 

(Ignore the ugly doodle LOL)

Balance of life (monthly) -

I haven't quite figured out how this section is going to work just yet. 

This is what I have so far...

Gratitude list -

This is my favourite part in my Mind Journal. I love writing down what I'm grateful for that day. 

I write 5 things that I'm grateful for that day. Even the smallest of things. 

I also write a reason next to each one. 

Mood boards - 

I haven't started this section yet, so I have no pictures to show you. 

The idea is to collect pictures (maybe from Pinterest) and create a 'Mood board' on the page. Things that made you smile that month or favourites of the month, or even an inspiration page. 

Reflection -

I also haven't started this section as yet, so no pictures to show you. 

I'll have to do an update blog post when I finish the rest of the sections. 

Same with...

Life goals 
List of things I love
Yoga workouts

Apps -

Relax Melodies: Sleep & Yoga
Moodtrack Diary: Mood Tracker

So thats my Mind Journal! 

Hope you enjoyed this blog post & hopefully your here for my next blog post: 
Weekly Favourites [15/11/2015]. 

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