Monday, 16 June 2014

How I Document 'My Life'

I love to keep Journals, Binders & even Keepsake Boxes of my Life. 
This is how I document my life :) (In a List, of course)

  • A5 Filofax - Main Planner. Everything I need to keep track of. (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly Checks)
  • Bullet Journal - My To - Dos each day and things to remember (This is with me all the time)
  • Ideas Journal - I write all ideas in here, then highlight into categories so easy to find.
  • Food Journal - Check the calories I'm eating each day. (Also use the 'My fitness pal' app)
  • Journal Prompts List Book - I tend to do a Journal prompt weekly.
  • Photos Monthly Binder - I have a A4 binder with photos for the month in and a little description of each photo.
  • Bucket List Binder - I have a A5 binder with lists of things I want to do in life.
  • Smash Book  - I stick in things I want to keep (loads bits are still in a box).
  • Idea Photo Binder - I print things from Pinterest that are good for ideas in a A4 binder.
  • One Line A Day Journal - I brought a 'One Line A Day' Journal to do daily.
  • Normal Journal - Which I journal in once a week in detail of each day.
  • Child Development Book - Keep trying to start this one, but at the moment its on scraps of paper. I do have a baby record book for my Son, which is all filled out. However I want to keep documenting his life in a book.
  • Child's Memory Binder - I keep all my Son's work from Nursery he has done in a A4 binder. 
  • 'All About My Life' Book - Just started (check out on here what its all about).
Idea Photo Binder
Food Journal

One Line A Day Journal

Smash Book

Bullet Journal

Journal Prompts List Book

Journal Prompts List Book

Ideas Journal

Thank you for reading :)