Sunday, 15 June 2014

Journal Prompts List 101 - 150

Favourite flavours 
Favourite puddings
Favourite cakes
Favourite colours
Favourite fairy tales
Best birthdays you'd had
People that remind you of yourself
Phrases you'd like to see on a T-shirt
Songs you love to sing
Questions you'd ask on a first date
Your Idea partner
Numbers you'd use normally on a lottery ticket
Books that would make good films
Favourite type of foods
Things you would change about yourself
People who share your birthday
House chores you hate doing
Items you want for your home
People that inspire you
List all your goals
Places in the world you want to visit
Things you love about nature
Your fears
What do you put on your Calendar
Negative things
Positive things
List all your talents
List all your Interests
Whats your happy place
Feelings of today
Bests gifts you ever got
What are you good at?
3 Wishes
Careers you would love
Childhood toys
Childhood games you played
Objects you would rescue from a fire
Pets you had
Best dates you had
What inspires you?
What do you believe in?
What would you ban from the world?
Best Make - up products
Best advice you ever received
Feelings towards Animals
Feelings towards the world
Perfect moments in your life
Invention ideas
Childhood friends