Wednesday, 11 June 2014

Journal Prompts List 51 - 100

Here is the next set of Journal Prompts for you :)

Beauty products I love
Best stationary websites
Whats a happy place to you
Favourite characters from films
Foods to try
Favourite food
Favourite drinks
Pets you would like to have
Dream cars
Things I've ticked off my Bucket list
The best feelings
The worst feelings
Ways you like to relax
Random things about me
10 facts about me
My Personality
Pets I've had
My perfect home
The best things in life are free...
Recipes i want to cook
Best gadgets
Guilty pleasures
I am grateful for...
Perfect first date
Perfect day
Favourite healthy food
Things I'd like to be an expert in
In 10 years I see myself...
Super powers you wish you had
Best things about being a child
Best things about being an adult
Things that make me happy
Favourite animals
Things I love about myself
Favourite music
Fun places
Favourite books
Colours I like to wear
Favourite apps
Things I always take on holiday
Favourite places to eat
favourite flowers
Things you like about the area you live
What superstitions do you believe in
Interesting people on TV
Favourite breakfast foods
Favourite disney films
Favourite washi tape ( stick in)
Favourite sounds
Favourite sights