Thursday, 10 July 2014

Page 2 - 'All About My Life' Book

Page 2


Where do you currently live:
What kind of area do you live in: (ex: City, Countryside)
What type of home do you live in: (ex: House, Apartment)

Who do you live with:

What is your home like: (ex: Tidy, Messy, Organised, Cluttered)
Must-have items in your home:
What sort of home deco do you have in your home:
You like your home to smell like:
What colour is each room...
Living room:
Bath room:
Bed room:
Child's Bed room:
Hall way:
Other rooms:

How many homes have you had:
Types of homes you've lived in: (ex: House, Apartment)
Previous addresses:

Where would you like to live:
What type of home would you like to live in:

Describe your perfect home:

[Insert a photo of your Home]

(Add a Quote to do with 'Home')

{Decorate the page or add a border. I've started getting into simple doodling. 
I have found a great website to copy doodles if stuck -
Just search doodles and plenty of easy to copy doodles come up.}