Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Ideas of what to include on your Daily insert

I'm always changing what I want on my Daily insert sheet, as I'm always trying to find what works for me. I brought a few printables from Etsy and also found free printables on pinterest. I finally found what I wanted on the insert, before writing a list of things I wanted on there.

I wanted to share all my ideas of what to include to your daily insert and choose what works for you.

Ideas to include on Daily Insert:
  • Quote (Find quotes on Pinterest or We heart it)
  • Money spent (Can add amounts to Budget planner monthly)
  • Money saved (Money you have saved that day to go in a money pot)
  • To do list
  • Journal Prompt (I have a full list I printed at the back of my Filofax, answer one question a day, and then you can add it to a Journal Prompt Notebook :) )
  • Shopping list
  • One line a day Journal (Write one line about your day. I then add it weekly in my 'One line a day Journal')
  • Meal plan or what you ate that day
  • Vitamin intake (I use a orange sticker dot)
  • Mood (can also use colour sticker dots)
  • Weather
  • Goal of the day
  • Water intake
  • Fruit 5 a day intake
  • Reminders
  • Ideas in general or Blog ideas
  • Weight
  • Calories
  • House chores list
  • AM/PM routine
  • Grateful for... (3 things your grateful for that day)
  • Schedule with times
  • Appointments
  • Notes