Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Birthday Card Book

Hello! Just a quick blog post about my 'Birthday Card Book'.

I started this year with this 'Birthday Card Book'.

What I did was I brought loads of birthday cards at the start of the year. I brought cards that were either on sale or the ones where they have '5 for £1.00'.

I checked how many family and friends I needed to buy cards for throughout the year, so I would have enough.

Then in my 'Birthday Card Book', it has the months on one page and a pocket for the cards.

I wrote down everyone's birthdays in the book in the correct months. Then put the cards in the pockets, making sure I have the card I want to give that person in the right pockets. 

Having a 'Birthday Card Book' has made my life so much easier. Not having to buy a single birthday card through the year. I also keep some stamps at the back of the book, just in case I need to post a card off. 

Thanks for reading xoxo