Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Planner Corner Introduction

 I've created a new section on my Blog titled 'Planner Corner', you can find this at the top of the page.

A little Introduction about 'Planner Corner'

Do you want to be on my Blog posts???? Please read on...

You are the writer in this area. You are the Stars! I'll ask you wonderful Filofax & Planner fans a Question every Month. The Question is Filofax/Planner related topics. I advertise the Question on here, on my Facebook page 'Organise your life' and also on my Instagram @organiseyourlife. You answer it through Facebook, Instagram or my email address (, or even on the comments section on the actual Blog post. I may ask you for list of things, detail descriptions, photos, or one line answers. Also if you want, you can send me a link to your Blog, Website, Shop, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and I'll link that in the Blog post along with your answers. If you do not want me to Name you in the Blog post, please let me know!! Also there will be a deadline of how long you have to answer the Question posted. Your answers will go onto my Blog post the way you have answered them. Any problems, just email me so I can edit the post.

Planner Corner FAQ

What is 'Planner Corner'?
Planner Corner is a place to share ideas about your Filofax/Planner.  You will get asked a Question and your answers will be shared on my Blog post. 
What sort of Questions are asked?
Filofax/Planner related topics
When is the Question posted?
Every Month on the 17th.
Where is the Question posted?
On my Blog under 'Planner Corner' tab at the top.
My Instagram: @organiseyourlife
My Facebook page: Organise your life 
If you want the question emailed to you, please email me your email address.
Where do I answer the Question?
My email address would be the best one -
but you can also answer on my Instagram, Facebook page, Facebook message, or even in the comments section on the actual Blog post Question.
What do I need to send for the Blog post?
  • Your Name & your link to Social media networks (if you don't want this on the blog post, please let me know!!)  
  • Might be a one line answer, a detailed description, a list of things or photos.
Is there a deadline? 
The deadline will be normally at the end of the month, around the 30th.

Any other questions that you would like to know, please list below in the comments section.
Instagram - @organiseyourlife
Facebook page - Organise your life
Email address -
Thank you for reading xoxo