Saturday, 2 August 2014

My FiloFlex Set Up

I am a Total Planner Addict!
  I can never decide which planner I want to use. 

At the moment I have 3 main planners that I use...
  • Personal size Filofax - I look at in the morning and plan on the evening. Also its my out and about planner.
  • Bullet Journal - I use this all the time. I pretty much never stop writing in it. Its like my brain dump.
  • Flex by Filofax (Filoflex) - I use it weekly for planning.

This Blog post is about how I've set up my Filoflex :) Stay tuned!

I love the Flex by Filofax.
They say there is one million different ways to use a Filoflex.
I kept writing down ideas of how to use mine. I had so many different uses but came up with two I really like. The problem is I only have one Filoflex at the moment so I will definitely be buying another. (I'll post about my Filoflex I'm using at the moment, and my other idea will be on another blog post).

There are different sizes to the Filoflex, I have the A5 size which I wanted to use for home as big enough to fit the things I wanted in it.
You can buy the flex by Filofax from the Filofax website.
It comes with a ruled notebook, a jotting pad and a pen loop board which can be moved around in the different pockets.
To see what I'm talking about, please click here!

What I keep in my Filoflex - 
  • Bullet Journal - stored in there when I'm not using it
  • Shopping lists (Blank)
  • Meal Weekly Plan sheet / Groceries check sheet
  • Monthly Calendar planner (DIY binded pages together)
  • Blog Plan sheet
  • Weekly inserts for my Bullet Journal (I stick them in the Bullet Journal)
  • Daily/Weekly inserts for my Personal Filofax (stored in here so when I weekly plan I can straight away write on them and plan my week and then put them in my Personal Filofax)
  • Journal Prompts list (Just the questions and then I answer them in another Notebook I have)
  • Pens/Sticky tape in a very cheap case (which I do want to upgrade on :) )
  • Ideas Journal 

Yes it all does fit into the Filoflex!! Its so nice to have all my weekly things I need in there, ready to plan.

Here are more pictures, so you can actually see what is in my Filoflex!!

Daily inserts for my Personal Filofax
These Daily inserts are from DIYfish on Etsy. 

You get a set of 9 un-dated inserts, which includes:
  1. Month on 2 pages
  2. Week on 2 pages
  3. Day on 2 pages
  4. To do list
  5. Finance pages
  6. One divider
  7. Labels
  8. Weather stickers
  9. Stickers (different designs and sizes)

Blog Plan sheet
This Blog Plan sheet is from on Etsy. 

I use these to plan my Blog posts out as a draft. I plan my Blog posts weekly and keep them in a bundle in the Filoflex, ready to blog when I get the chance.

Monthly Calendar DIY Planner
The Monthly pages are from PolkaDotPosie on Etsy. She actually custom made these for me and also custom made Weekly pages as well, which I stick in my Bullet Journal. 

I have binded the Monthly pages together with note pages, with my wire binding machine. 

Colour code for Monthly Calendar:

  • Black - Every day use
  • Blue - Birthdays
  • Red - Appointments
  • Green - Events
  • Purple - School Holidays (I work in a school)
  • Orange - Notable dates
  • Yellow - Holiday/Day trips
Ideas Journal
I love using my Ideas Journal. When I'm inspired from other people, either on Instagram or Youtube I like to write the ideas in my Ideas Journal and use them when I feel like it. Its good because if I fancy a change in any of my planners I can just look in my Ideas Journal for ideas. Just a good memory system. Haha!

You notice in the picture that I highlight each idea. I have a colour coding system for it and it works so well.

Colour code for Ideas Journal:
  • Green - Organising/Planning
  • Blue - To print out
  • Pink - Projects/To do
  • Purple - To transfer to somewhere else
  • Yellow - Things to check out/research
  • Orange - Kids ideas
My head would explode if I never had an Ideas Journal.

My Filoflex set up
Grocery list & Weekly Meal plan
The Grocery list is from Hello Cuteness website. I love this free printable to write all the groceries I need weekly.

I'm sorry I can't remember where the Weekly Meal plan sheet is from. I know its a free printable though. You might be able to find it on my Pinterest somewhere.

Filoflex with Bullet Journal inside

The Flex Jotting pad is where I write down all my Journal prompts (just the questions). Then each week I answer one question from the list and gets answered in my 'Book of Lists' thick notebook. Then once I've answered it, it gets checked off from the Journal Prompt list in the Flex Jotting pad.

Monthly Calendar tucked in the pocket

Pens/sticky tape case tucked in other pocket

Great Tip: Use a bulldog clip to hold your pen!

Shopping list
I found this shopping list from 

I keep shopping lists blanks clipped together with a bulldog clip and clipped in my Filoflex.
Then every week, one gets put onto my fridge.
Once filled out, goes into my Personal Filofax, ready to go buy.

My Bullet Journal Bookmarker :)

Well I hope you enjoyed reading :) I was going to post about my other idea of how to use the Filoflex but I'm going to save it for another Blog post. So please come back and check that post out!

Thank you for visiting!!!!