Sunday, 4 January 2015

A list of different types of Journals

Hello everyone! As you all know I'm such a huge LOVER of Journals!! I'm always collecting notebooks to use as different things. Can't get enough really :) So here is a list of different types of Journals that are out there in the world! [Excuse me if I miss some types off and please let me know :) ] Just so you know I don't use all these Journals, this is a list for you for ideas :)

A List Of Different Types Of Journals:

  • Brain dump Journal - A Journal to scribble all your thoughts, feelings, reminders, notes. I normally write in this before bed (normally when I think a lot). I have just ordered this book [click here] to use as my Brain dump Journal, as its so big so can use it for a very long time :)

  • Time capsule Journal - A Journal to record what's happening in the world, so you can look back on it in the near future. There's a good video on this from MissVickybee, click here to see.

  • A Dream Journal - A Journal where you record all your dreams you have had.
Some links to Dream Journals:
The Complete A to Z Dictionary of Dreams
Dream Journal
Bedside Dream Journal.

  • Travel Journal - Take your Travel Journal with you on your holidays and Journal about what happened there. I don't travel a lot so I have never done one of these.
Some links to Travel Journals:
I was here
My Travel Journal
Quote Travel Journal
Travel Journal
Papelote Travel Journal

  • Pregnancy Journal - Where you record your pregnancy. Pregnancy is such a beautiful thing and should be remembered :) I have a Pregnancy Journal for both of my kids.
Some links to Pregnancy Journals:
My Pregnancy Journal - This is the one I used for my 1st child. Beautiful book.
The Nine Pregnancy Countdown Journal - I used this one for my 2nd child.
The Belly book
Busy B Pregnancy book
Bump to Birthday book

  • Baby record Journal - Where you document your Child's first year. They have got books where they go up to 5 years old also.
Some links to Baby record Journals:
Baby's first year memories book -I used this one for my 1st child.
My Baby's Journal - I used this one for my 2nd child.
Eric Carle's very special baby book
Baby record book

  • Wedding Journal - A Journal where you record your wedding details.
Some links to Wedding Journals:
Our Wedding Journal
Ktwo wedding planner
Wedding planner
The DIY wedding manual

  •  Gratitude Journal - A Journal where you write in what your grateful for. Some people write daily and write 5 things a day that their grateful for. They can be really small things.
Some links to Gratitude Journals:
My Gratitude Journal
Gratitude book

  • Family Journal - A Journal where your whole family writes in it. Daily moments that you share together. You could all write a line a day of what your day was like or what you did.

  • Pass down to the Family Journal - There are Journals where you pass them down to your children after when you have wrote in them. Passed down by your grandparents or your parents even. So that they or you can look back on your memories.
Some links to Pass down Journals:
Grandparents Journal
Parenthood Listography
Blank Cookbook: My Family Recipes
Dear Mum, from you to me -I brought this one my Mum so she can fill in it for me :)

  •  List Journals - A book full of lists. Questions at the top of the page and then you answer them in a list.
Some links to List Journals:
Listography Journal
Q and A a Day: 5-Year Journal

  • Project/Hobby Journal - A Journal where you write all your projects and hobbies down. Maybe a list of them or maybe you write about what you did, or what you need.

  • Gardening/Nature Journal - A Journal to record the growth of your plants and flowers. Record plans and projects for the garden. Maybe doodle things in there too.
Some links to Gardening/Nature Journals:
Orla Kiely Gardening Journal
Moleskine Passions Gardening Journal
The Allotment and Vegetable Garden Planner
Busy B garden Journal
Gardening file
Gardening journal

  • Worry Journal - A Journal where you write down all your worries.

  • 5 Year Journal - 5 years in one Journal. Write one line a day.
Some links to 5 Year Journals:
One line a day
The happiness project
Living Well One Line a Day
A Thought A Day: Five Year Journal
Jane-A-Day: 5 Year Journal

  • Couple's Journal - Where a couple share a Journal and fill it out together.
Some links to Couple's Journal:
All About Us
The You and Me Book
Book of Us
Why I Love You: A Journal of Us
Our Story

  • 'For my Partner' Journal - Write what you love about partner. Here's a link of a book I brought : What I Love about You

  • My Life Journal - Your story! All about you! Write about your life and who you are. I have a book published called 'My Life in a Book'. Its got tons of life questions in it for you to fill out, about your life. If you would like to check that out, heres the link to another blog post which will show you where to buy the book and the contents of the book listed also. [CLICK HERE FOR THE LINK]
Some other links to Life Journals:
All About Me
SUCK UK My Life Story Diary - I brought this book, its amazing. Write your life story in there :)

  • Kids Journal - Your children fill in their very own Journal.
Some links to Kids Journal:
All About Me: A Keepsake Journal for Kids
Q & A a Day for Kids: A Three-Year Journal

  • Quotes Journal - A Journal full of inspiring quotes that you love.
Some links to Quotes Journal:
My Quotable Kid
Collected Quotations

  •  Doodle Journal - A place to just doodle away.
Some links to Doodle Journal:
Wreck This Journal
Face-A-Day Journal: Doodle Your Mood
Buddha Doodles Gratitude Journal
Pocket Doodles
A doodle a day

  • Food Journal - A place where you record the food you have eaten daily. Maybe record the calories also.
Some links to Food Journal:
Food and Exercise Daily Diary
Food Journal - I have this book, its really good. 
Food, Mood & Health Journal
Diet Doodle Diary - I ordered this book, can't wait to get it :)

  • Bucket list Journal - A list of all the things you want to do in life.  There's a great website for recording your bucket list or even looking for ideas. Here is the link:

  • Hopes & Dreams Journal - Record the things that you want out of life. The things you want to do, the places you want to see.

  • Book Journal - A list of all the books you have read and the reviews.

  • Journal prompts Journal - A list of all the Journal prompts and then answer them in another book. Use the answer prompts every year.

  • Inspirational Journal - Stick all pictures that inspires you! You get some lovely pictures from pinterest and I heart it website.

  • Favourites Journal - Write in the Journal every year a list of your favourite things. A page a year will do.

  • Photo a day book - Add a photo a day to your book. I have a blog post called '365 days - Take a photo a day' , here is the link.

  • Recipe Journal - All your favourite recipes in a Journal.
Some links to Recipe Journal:
SUCK UK My Family Cookbook
Blank Cookbook Recipes
Recipe file
Moleskine Recipe Journal 

  • Tea Journal - Recording all the tea you have drunk. The taste, the colour and rating it. If your a huge lover of tea, I suppose this is nice to do.

  • Mood Journal - Recording your mood daily.

Some other links to Bullet Journaling:

So there you have it! Different types of Journals :) You can also just make your own with a NOTEBOOK!

Hope you enjoyed reading!! xoxo