Wednesday, 21 January 2015

A list of what I write in my Journal!


So we all Journal in different ways, some like to write and write and write and some of us like to keep it short. Some like to decorate our pages, some like to keep it plain. Some like to doodle or draw, some like to write lists. Like I said everyone Journals in their own way.

I've been Journaling since I was 9 years old and still love to Journal.

My Journal is my happy place. A place I like to calm down and write away about the day I had. I always Journal before I go bed, that way I don't miss anything out. I would say Journaling is about expressing yourself and also a great memory keeper. Its always nice to look back on the memories you had. We can't remember everything, maybe the special moments in our lifes, but not everything.

Here is a list of what I write in my Journal...(Daily, Weekly, Monthly, & Yearly)

Firstly I like to keep an Index at the back. Page numbers in the corner of the pages. The Index has the page number, the date and a title of the day. Just so I know what's in each Journal I have.

  • Weather
  • Mood
  • What happened that day
  • Journal status (describing moment or the day) - put the time next to it
  • One thing that made me happy today (big or small)
  • Gratitude points (normally 3 things)
  • Journal prompt (I have my own Journal prompts (365 days) in a notebook that I use and going to use the same ones every year)
  • Funny things that the kids have said or done
  • Milestones/Child development (example: first time smiled)

  • Weight
  • Grocery list (Menu) of what's for dinner this week
  • What colour my nails have been painted this week
  • What make up have I been wearing this week
  • Hot topics / conversations / Gossip
  • Routines (am/pm)
  • Cleaning rota
  • Quote/Lyrics/Inspiration picture
  • Exercise done
  • What I ate this week (food log)
  • A past memory - I use a random word from the top of my head and remember a memory from the past that relates to that word. And then I write about that memory.
  • Things I've brought this week
  • Favourites - Tv shows/Music/Movies/Books/Food/Drink/Websites/Make up
  • Book I'm currently reading
  • Playlist of what music is in the charts
  • My hair colour (as I tend to dye it a lot )
  • Photo collage (I use Picasa which is free to download)
  • News / events happening in the world
  • Monthly spread overview (Month wrote in the middle of the page and write what happened this month, also doodles too)
  • Monthly calendar (which I colour code with coloured sticky dots)
  • Something I have learnt (if I ain't learnt nothing, then I research something I don't know and learn about it)
  • Short term goals
  • My Kid loves....  (I like to write down the things my kids love at the moment)
  • Monthly tasks / to dos
  • What I love about my partner (I like to do this because I think its a nice reminder of why I love him and that I shouldn't take him for granted)
  • Poem every month (I like to write my own)
  • Prices of things - Petrol, Milk, Bread
  • What car currently have
  • What Job currently have
  • Style of clothes wore this year
  • Overview of the year (highlights)
  • Year calendar - future planning
  • Yearly goals
  • Bucket list (right at the back of the journal)
  • Photo of me/family/kids/partner (nice to see changes every year)

Thank you for reading! xoxo

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