Thursday, 1 January 2015

My Daily carry around planner

Just wanted to share with you my new daily planner. I will be carrying around this slim planner in my bag. The brand is Busy B, and you can find it on their website or on amazon.

Things I love about this dairy:
  • Slim - easy to fit in bag
  • Band around - lose notes won't fall out
  • Pen loop - Nice to carry a pen around with you at all times
  • Weekly diary with note section every week
  • Contact section
  • Personal section
  • Important numbers you might need
  • Calendar 2015 and 2016
  • The pattern on the dairy at the front
Things I don't like about this diary:
  • the paper is thin so some pens will bleed through
Other than that though, I love this dairy so much.

On the note section every week, I'm going to write my to do list, shopping lists and reminders.

Sorry if the photos aren't that great, it was on my partners phone as my phone is broke at the moment and my camera needed charging.