Thursday, 24 July 2014

A - Z List Section in Personal Filofax

Hello again! 

I mentioned in my recent blog post 'My Personal Filofax Set-up', that I would do a list of what I keep in my A - Z List section. So here is the list...

Apps on Iphone

Books to read
Favourite Blogs
Brain dump
Blog posts ideas
Blog post check list
Blog - Social media list
Bucket list

Cleaning rota
Cleaning products I love
Child development
Cds I want
Calories list

Diet eat clean list
Diet goals
Daily fitness plan

Expenses tracker
Exercise tracker
Exercise work out list
Etsy shops

Facebook groups
Filofax sizes list
Filofax stationary list

Gift list
Grocery list

Hair products I love
Hobby list
Happy mail tracker 
Healthy meals

Important Info

Journal Prompts



Make - up products I love
Meal Ideas
Measurement Conversion
Movies to see
Measurement tracker

Nutrition Info
Nail Polish collection list
Nail polish I love

Orders tracker

Printables websites
Postcode list
Places to go
Penpal addresses
Pinterest boards
Photos to take


Recipes to try

Skin care products I love
Snack ideas
Shops I love
Shops online
Stationary I love
School holiday dates
Sickness record (work)
Things to sell 
Save up plan

Take out numbers
Things to make
Travel check list
Tv shows series checklist



Wishlist - For Filofax
Wishlist -Me
Wishlist - Sons
Wishlist - Household
Favourite websites
Weight tracker 




Monday, 21 July 2014

Free printables that I used for my Personal Filofax

Click on the page you want and it will take you to the link

My Personal Filofax Set - Up

Finally, I've set up my Personal Filofax to be perfect! I have found that its now easier to use when I'm out and about. 

So your in for a treat ...Grab a cup of tea and I just hope you enjoy reading and take some ideas away with you. 

My Filofax is my baby; I'd be a hot mess without it, and my life would be in shambles.

Maybe I exaggerate. Maybe. But my life would definitely be more disorganized! - See more at:

My Filofax is my baby; I'd be a hot mess without it, and my life would be in shambles.

Maybe I exaggerate. Maybe. But my life would definitely be more disorganized! - See more at:

My Filofax is my baby; I'd be a hot mess without it, and my life would be in shambles.

Maybe I exaggerate. Maybe. But my life would definitely be more disorganized! - See more at:

My Filofax is my baby; I'd be a hot mess without it, and my life would be in shambles.

Maybe I exaggerate. Maybe. But my life would definitely be more disorganized! - See more at:

I use my Personal Filofax daily, its the one I carry everywhere with me. Also its the only one I take out and about. I wouldn't know what I'd do if I lost it! Eek! I just love to be organised!

I'm always changing the way I set - up my Filofaxes/Planners. The second I think "right I've got it!", I find a better way of how to be even more organised. Oh gosh! I have a list of never-ending ideas - thats why I keep an 'Ideas Journal'!

I have an Ideas Journal at the front of my A5 Filofax, but I've now also got one at the front of this Personal Filofax too. Same Colour coding system.

Right lets jump into the inisde of the Filofax! ..................

My Personal Filofax is nothing special (at the moment), its the Filofax Identity Personal Organiser in black.

I will want to upgrade to a more "not so cheap"  but "more colourful" Filofax.

So like most Filofaxes, it starts with the 'Dashboard'. I'm in love with my Dashboard, as I love all things floral. I just looked up patterns on pinterest and printed it off and laminated it myself. Then used a corner punch for the edges. I don't want much on my Dashboard at the moment. I just stuck sticky notes on there for now.

On the left side, in the pockets I keep magnet paper clips, sticky notes, cards, vouchers, and page markers.

I love how this Filofax has two pen loops. My pens are both BIC brands (which I adore), one black and one purple.

Brain dump page is from Limetreefruits

The next page, I have a Grocery list (I keep tons of copies of spares of everything in my Filofax storage binder), which is paper clipped to the back of the Dashboard.
Every week I put up a Grocery list on my Fridge and if there is anything I need in that week I write down on the list. Then when I do my weekly shopping, I take the Grocery list and put it in my Filofax, paper clipped at the back of the Dashboard.

Next page, I have a Brain dump page, which I use to write things I think of when I'm out (like ideas, reminders, notes). Then once I'm home (normally before I go bed) I write the things on the list in the right sections in my Filofax.

The wallet pocket is next in my Filofax which I keep photos and letters in.
At the back of the pocket is my 'Nightly Filofax Check List'.

Inspiration Happy page - which I have a quote on and some cute stickers.

I then have a Index page (just so I know whats in this Filofax).

This is the order...

1. Calendar
2. To Dos
3. Budget Plan
4. Meal Plan
5. A - Z List

I was thinking of adding a Blog section but I'm not too sure yet. I just have Blog ideas in the A - Z List section, under B (Obv).

On the back of the Index page, I have wrote a list of whats in my A - Z List section. Easy for me to know whats in there.


The Top Tabs
  • Calendar 
  • Today Book marker
  • Meal Plan
  • A - Z List Divider

The Side Tabs
  • To Dos
  • Budget Plan
  • A - Z tabs



{I'm a visual person, I like to see my Monthly calendar in colour code and not much detail. Its just a quick month at a glance of appointments, events, birthdays and school holidays. The more detailed section is put onto my daily sheets or in my To Dos section.}

Monthly spread page from Limetreefruits

To Dos

  • To Dos Check List - Daily / Weekly / Monthly
  • Weekly Cleaning Rota on a Book marker (from Cleanmama)
  • Running to do list
  • To Do list (things I need to do this month)

{My Running to do list is everything I want to do, things that I might not get done into next year but still want them on the list to remember them. I take my 'Running to do list' and see what things I want to do for the day and add them on my daily sheet.}

Budget Plan


{On the divider (photo above) I have a Mason jar that I laminated together with the patterned paper. I use the Mason jar as a Money pot to write down (on a sticky note) how much I've saved. I update it every week of the amount so far I've saved. This amount should match the 'REAL' Money pot I have on the Kitchen counter.}

I have a paper clip on the top of the divider for receipts to attach to the back of.

  • Budget Planning To Do list
  • Shopping lists 
  • Fly leaf page where I have 4 sticky notes and I write 4 different shops on each sticky. Then transfer the items from the shopping lists onto the sticky notes for the correct shop that I want to get the item from. This way when I go to a shop, I just take the sticky note off the page. Makes it alot easier. 
  • Daily spent tracker
  • Monthly spent tracker (colour coded)
  • No spend - which I mark it off with 'dot stickers' for the month
  • Receipts 

Expenses page from Limetreefruits

Meal Plan

  •  Meal Planning to do list
  • No Junk food month chart
  • Grocery check list 
  • Weekly Meal Plan

Weekly meal plan from HelloCuteness

A - Z List

This section is different sorts of lists.
Example: Birthdays, Logins, Addresses, Gift list, Blog ideas etc...

Everything in this section is in order. (ex: Birthdays and Blog ideas are under B)

This makes it easier to find what your looking for.

I will be posting a list of the A - Z list in another post, to show you what I have put in there. 

Brainstorm page from Stationera on Etsy

Ideas page from Stationera on Esty

In the back is a plastic wallet with sticky notes, dot it stickers, star stickers, page markers, and other stickers.

Also I have note paper in the pocket at the back. (I use it a lot to write things down and then file it in my A - Z list section.)

If I have missed any out you should be able to find them on my Pinterest.

Hope you have enjoyed reading. I would love to hear how you set up your Filofax.

Please comment below your blog (if you have one) for me to also look at :)

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Take Care!!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Ideas of what to include on your Daily insert

I'm always changing what I want on my Daily insert sheet, as I'm always trying to find what works for me. I brought a few printables from Etsy and also found free printables on pinterest. I finally found what I wanted on the insert, before writing a list of things I wanted on there.

I wanted to share all my ideas of what to include to your daily insert and choose what works for you.

Ideas to include on Daily Insert:
  • Quote (Find quotes on Pinterest or We heart it)
  • Money spent (Can add amounts to Budget planner monthly)
  • Money saved (Money you have saved that day to go in a money pot)
  • To do list
  • Journal Prompt (I have a full list I printed at the back of my Filofax, answer one question a day, and then you can add it to a Journal Prompt Notebook :) )
  • Shopping list
  • One line a day Journal (Write one line about your day. I then add it weekly in my 'One line a day Journal')
  • Meal plan or what you ate that day
  • Vitamin intake (I use a orange sticker dot)
  • Mood (can also use colour sticker dots)
  • Weather
  • Goal of the day
  • Water intake
  • Fruit 5 a day intake
  • Reminders
  • Ideas in general or Blog ideas
  • Weight
  • Calories
  • House chores list
  • AM/PM routine
  • Grateful for... (3 things your grateful for that day)
  • Schedule with times
  • Appointments
  • Notes

Monday, 14 July 2014

My Daily set up for my Personal Filofax

I've brought a Personal Filofax to use when I'm out and about. I'm still deciding the whole set up of it, but I decided on this daily insert from RogueCrusade on Etsy. She has loads of amazing printables. I also brought the Blog insert from her for my A5 Filofax.

I wanted to have the following on my daily sheet:
  • Meal Plan (gets added to my Food Journal weekly)
  • Reminders
  • Mood
  • Goal
  • 5 Fruit a day
  • Water drank 
  • Money spent (gets added to my Budget plan in my A5 Filofax & Cash book)
  • Savings
  • To Dos
  • Ideas (which will get added to my Bullet journal ideas page)
  • One line a day Journal (so I can add to my 'One line a day' Book weekly)
I also might add somewhere to put my calories and weight on the page. Soon I want to start losing the baby weight and start a health planner :)

This is the set up of my daily sheet....

Facebook Page

I now have a Facebook page up for this Blog.

 I will let you know on Facebook when I put new posts up on my Blog. 

Thank you :)

Page 5 - 'All About My Life' Book

Page 5

Family Tree

Another easy page is to map out your Family tree.

Page 4 - 'All About My Life' Book

Page 4


Mum's name:
Dad's name: 
Are your parents still together:

Brother(s) name(s):
Sister(s) name(s):

Pets you've had:
3 words to describe:-
[Insert a photo of your Family]

(Add a Quote to do with 'Family')

{You can also add date of births or their ages, which I might just write next to each one.}


Page 3 - 'All About My Life' Book

Page 3

10 Facts About Me

This page is easy, just write 10 facts about you. 
Add some pretty doodles.

Thursday, 10 July 2014

Update of Change of Username on Instagram & Pinterest


Just a update on my new Instagram and Pinterest name.

My new Instagram name is: @organiseyourlife

My new Pinterest name is: Organise your life, the link is

Page 2 - 'All About My Life' Book

Page 2


Where do you currently live:
What kind of area do you live in: (ex: City, Countryside)
What type of home do you live in: (ex: House, Apartment)

Who do you live with:

What is your home like: (ex: Tidy, Messy, Organised, Cluttered)
Must-have items in your home:
What sort of home deco do you have in your home:
You like your home to smell like:
What colour is each room...
Living room:
Bath room:
Bed room:
Child's Bed room:
Hall way:
Other rooms:

How many homes have you had:
Types of homes you've lived in: (ex: House, Apartment)
Previous addresses:

Where would you like to live:
What type of home would you like to live in:

Describe your perfect home:

[Insert a photo of your Home]

(Add a Quote to do with 'Home')

{Decorate the page or add a border. I've started getting into simple doodling. 
I have found a great website to copy doodles if stuck -
Just search doodles and plenty of easy to copy doodles come up.}