Sunday, 25 May 2014

How I organise my Filofax

My A5 Filofax & planner organiser pouch

Please note: This is going to be a super long post, so if you don't like planning and organising posts, don't say I didn't warn you :)

Hello again! 
Today I thought it would be fun to share my ideas and how I organise my Filofax
I know we all organise different to suit our own needs and I've seen some wonderful ideas out there on Instagram, Pinterest and Youtube. I have had this Filofax for a year now and finally (after loads of changes over the year) I have organised it the perfect way for me. I don't tend to buy the Filofax inserts in the shops as they are not cheap for paper! That I can just print off myself from free websites and blogs. I love looking for free printables on Pinterest and so grateful for the people that designed them. I have found loads of different styles and found ones that suit me. I will link all the free printables at the end of this post so you know where to find them.

This is how I organise my Filofax in order (in detail & photos)...

When you open my Filofax, I keep an 'Ideas Journal' notebook inside, where I write down all ideas so I can remember them. I highlight them in colour code so I know what I'm looking at when I'm going back through the pages.

Colour code for Ideas Journal...
  • Green - Organising / Planning
  • Blue - To print out
  • Pink - Projects / To dos
  • Purple - To transfer to somewhere else (different notebook/Journal)
  • Yellow - Things to check out/Research
  • Orange - Kids ideas 

Ideas Journal

I also keep a 'A6 Cash book' which I brought from this stationary shop online called Sticker stack. I was very happy with the way it was laid out for budgeting. I keep it up to date each month to track what I'm spending by using a daily spent tracker sheet, monthly tracker sheet and internet banking.

A6 Cash book

The First page in my Filofax (and probably other peoples Filofax) is my Dashboard and reminders bookmark. I labelled mine with my name and dashboard, and added few stickers and a photo of my son as a baby. I keep the dashboard for sticky post-it notes and page tags.The reminders bookmark I put sticky notes on there for quick things I need to remember, instead of flicking through my Filofax to find. 
Reminders bookmark

My dashboard
Then the next pages after the dashboard...
  • A small zipped side pocket with dot-it stickers, star stickers and extra stickers.
  • A open top pocket with pretty card stock to use for pens that bleed through the pages and letter reminders. Also I sometimes keep Penpal letters I need to reply back to in there.
  • Another open top pocket with my 'Nightly Filofax checklist'.
Nightly Filofax checklist

I will do another post on my 'Nightly Filofax checklist'. Its basically things I need to do in my Filofax to keep it up to date. I do this every night before bed.

Next page after is the Filofax yearly calendar (kept from the actual Filofax itself).
I do have a colour code highlighted system for this.

Colour code:
  • Blue - Birthdays
  • Yellow - Events
  • Green - Appointments
  • Orange - Notable dates (which this page comes with the Filofax itself)
  • Pink - School holidays (As I work in a school I need to know days I get off work)
Next page after is a New year's resolutions sheet.


Now onto the Tabs I have on the side. I have 6 tab dividers to section off each subject.

Tabs on side:
  1. Personal
  2. Diary
  3. Contacts
  4. Money
  5. Lists
  6. Notes
1. Personal section 
  • Personal information (came with Filofax)
  • Notable dates on the back of personal information page
  • Map (came with Filofax)
  • Photos of my family

2. Diary section
  • Running to do list clipped onto a patterned flyleaf (I made the flyleaf wider so I can easily flick to this. I would choose the things I want to do on that day, and add to my daily sheet)


Tabs in the Diary section at the top:
  • Yearly
  • Monthly
  • Weekly
  • Daily

Top tabs

Yearly section:
  • Yearly to dos list (end of December)
  • Year at a glance
  • Dates to remember
  • Overview of the year 
  • Yearly goals

Year at a glance sheet

Dates to remember sheet

Overview of the year

Yearly to dos

Monthly section:
  • Monthly to dos list (1st of every month)
  • Last months calendar sheet (so already been filled in)
  • No spend month calendar 
  • Monthly/Weekly colour code bookmark
  • This months calendar 
  • Monthly goal tracker 
  • School holidays list

Monthly to dos

Monthly calendar

Monthly goal tracker

Weekly section:
  • Weekly to dos list (Sunday planning)
  • Goals for this week (on post-it sticky notes)
  • Weekly house chores list
  • Week on 2 pages
  • This weeks tasks

Weekly to dos

Goals for this week

Weekly house chores list

Monthly/Weekly colour code system

This weeks task sheet

Daily section:
  • Daily to dos list
  • Daily sheet explained sheet
  • Daily schedule
  • Bullet Journal key code (also use for my daily sheets)
  • Daily sheets (I did make my own but I found the perfect sheet from Etsy. The shop owner was very helpful. Shop - Myuncluttedlife

Daily to dos

Bullet code key code

Daily sheet (Etsy shop: Myuncluttedlife)

What this Daily sheet contains - 
Schedule, Daily routine morning and evening, To do's, Notes, Water intake, I am grateful for, Cleaning routine morning and evening, Shopping list, Meal plan, Expenses.

 3. Contacts section:
  • Family contacts
  • Work contacts
  • Take away contacts
  • Health contacts
  • Schools contacts
  • Other contacts
  • Birthdays tab at the top - Birthdays  

Contacts sheet

 4. Money section:
  • Business card holder
  • Payments due calendar (highlighted)
  • Monthly payments sheet (Direct debit/Cash payments)
  • Yearly payments, Weekly payments
  • Monthly income, Weekly income sheet
  • Monthly budget planner (I plan first on paper, then try and spend them amounts in real life)
  • Save up sheet
  • Daily spent tracker
  • Monthly budget tab at the top - bookmark with 'Amounts spent' colour code system on
  • Month calendar to add the amounts spent on each day (so I know where my money has gone)
  • Outstanding debt sheet
  • Year at a glance (budget)
  • Orders

Daily spent tracker

'Amounts spent' colour code system

Monthly amounts spent calendar (colour coded from code above)

5. Lists section:
  • List of lists in this section
  • List of the day Journal prompts (I type up my own)
  • Wish list
  • Gift list
  • Apps on Iphone
  • Bucket list (which I might take out and put in an A5 binder)
  • Blogs I love
  • Websites I love
  • Spring cleaning checklist
  • Hobby list
  • My son's development
  • Usernames
  • Ideas for project life 
  • Free printables list
  • Reading list
  • Shops online I love
  • Travel photo checklist
  • Laundry list
  • Storage list 
  • Projects to complete

This is where I write my 'List of the day Journal prompt'
 (This insert is from the Etsy shop - Stationera)

Then I have a tab at the top for Meal Planning  
  • Meals for the week (on post-it sticky notes - so can move them to daily sheets)
  • Meals for this month (costs of ingredients to work out)
  • Meal ideas
  • Helpful kitchen conversions

Meals for this week (I put post-it sticky notes on here)

Helpful kitchen conversions sheet

6. Notes section:
  • Cute note paper
  • Penpal letter sheets - paper clipped  (I brought the paper from Etsy shop called Stationera) 

Note paper I use for penpal letters (Etsy shop - Stationera)

So thats how I organise my Filofax. I would love to hear your ideas and thoughts, if you would like to comment below or email me Also you can find me on Instagram @shopaholic2400 or Pinterest.