Sunday, 22 March 2015

Brain dump monthly inserts & Brain dump trigger list [FREE]

Hello everyone! I'm so excited to write todays blog post :)

Some of you may heard of the book 'Getting things done' by David Allen. (How to achieve stress - free productivity).
I have not read it all yet but I was very impressed by the 'Trigger list'.

Anyways I have created A5 monthly inserts with my own type of the 'Trigger list'.

So its a brain dump system that helps you to get things out of your mind, and written down.

I created a Brain dump trigger list - which has what to focus on (its like to remind your brain)

To Do [Focus list]
  • Call/text/email
  • Watch/read
  • Letters/paperwork
  • To cook/recipe
  • To clean/organise
  • To pick up/to send
  • Projects
  • Kids activity
  • To sort out
  • To research
Household [Focus list]
  • Clean
  • Organise
  • Sort out
  • Decorate
  • Repair
  • Paint
  • Finance/Bills
  • Buy
  • Technology
  • De clutter
Ideas [Focus list]
  • Blog
  • Book
  • Organising
  • Planner
  • Journal
  • Crafts/DIY
  • Beauty/skin care
  • Home
Upcoming events [Focus list]
  • Special events
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Weddings
  • Holidays
  • Social events
This is what I wanted on my brain dump trigger list but you can have anything. I might want to add or take off things to update it.

The Brain dump sections list

  • To do
  • Projects/hobbies
  • Buy/order/wish list
  • Explore/research/look up
  • Ideas
  • Household
  • Learn
  • Places to go
  • Reminders
  • Upcoming events
  • Create/file/print
  • Waiting for

This is how the inserts work -

Code column
Which is a colour code system -
Personal - Yellow
Home - Pink
Work - Orange
Partner (Mark) - Green
Kids - Blue
Family - Purple

Focus column
Use the brain dump trigger list for what the focus is, if needed.

Tick - Completed
Cross - Not done
Arrow - Moved to the next month
Line - Started

I'm hoping this makes sense. Seemed hard to explain but in my head its so clear lol.

If you are interested in these inserts please email me @

Information you need to know:
  • They are A5 size only (sorry)
  • You print them off yourself and punch holes in them
  • It is a pdf file
  • If you would like me to change the colour of the headings please let me know
Any problems email me.

Thank you for reading :)



Wednesday, 18 March 2015

A5 Weekly Inserts for my ARC Planner

Hello everyone!

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while, life got busy :)

I do have a list of things I want to post about, but for now I'm posting about my A5 weekly inserts for my ARC planner.

A5 Weekly inserts I've created for my ARC planner

Weekly meals insert

I recently brought a ARC adjustable hole punch and the discs from Staples. Oh my gosh I was so excited to start setting up my new planner with it. I heard so many wonderful things about the ARC system, and had to try it out for myself.

I finally set it up yesterday, it still needs a lot of work done to it (monthly inserts, tabs, dividers, front cover, other inserts). So I won't be posting any photos of the whole planner as yet, until its finish.

I created my own weekly inserts on Excel yesterday. I've never used Excel to create inserts before.
It took me 5 hours to complete. My partner kept saying to me "are you done yet?", as he wanted to use the laptop. Anyways I was happy with the (oh gosh can't think of the word lol, with the.....) inserts.

I made the weekly inserts into size A5 for my ARC planner. I just eye balled it (is that even a word lol sorry guys, don't know where my normal words are today). So I didn't set it to A5, I just eye balled it (lol). I printed it off like 23 times to see if it was the right size for my A5 planner. In the end I got there and it fitted my planner. (Yay! Jumping on the bed like a kid.)

(My 3 year old son actually turned the printer off at one stage when it was printing half way through. I thought he broke the printer lol, but gladly he never :) )

So I then used my paper cutter to cut the sides (oh I had to cut all the way round on every page, because of eye balling it lol).

Once pages were cut, I used my ARC hole punch (yay) and put them into the discs.

I was amazed how easily they fitted into the discs, and it was really nice to see the end when all the pages were in the discs. So the planner looked chunky at the end.

So I am very happy with the ARC system and will make tons of different planners/journals out of my ARC hole punch and discs.

Only thing I would say about it, is that you will need good quality paper. If the paper is really thin the pages might get bit ruined.

[LOL sorry about the real bad words I'm using today, I have just woke up an hour ago.]

Anyways moving on...

I posted the photos of my weekly inserts on Facebook (different groups), making the inserts free for them and that I would email it over to them. I had tons of people email me that were interested in the inserts. 

So... I would like to share my A5 weekly inserts with all of you. Please read below:

For some stupid reason I cannot get a link to send to everyone, and I cannot send you over the excel file for you to edit yourself  (if anyone knows how to do this please let me know).
Anyways I can email you a PDF file but you WON'T be able to edit it yourself, I CAN edit it for you (remember WORDS only, NOT the lines).
So if you email me what you want changed (the words), I CAN EDIT IT FOR YOU and then send it as a PDF file for you.

Hope that made sense.

Please be patient and please understand that it takes a while to email everyone back.

Please don't pass it off as your own.

Thank you everyone!!


So what you need to do if interested in the weekly inserts:
1. Email me what words you would like changed. (words only, not the lines)
2. You can change the colour of the title backgrounds, email me what colour
3. Once emailed me - please wait while I edit the document for you
4. I'll send you over the PDF file of your edited document
5. Enjoy!

Few things to remember:
1. Its A5 size only (sorry guys)
2. I can only edit words only (not mess around with the lines)
3. I can change the colour of the title backgrounds
4. You have to print it off yourself

Any problems just email me.

Thank you everyone!!