Organising & Planning 101

#1 Download free inserts for your Filofax or Planner, save them to your computer and to a CD (write on the CD of what it is). Also have a few spare inserts in a buttoned wallet. 

#2 Keep a little cup (brought mine from Ikea) in the same drawer as the paracetamol (labelled & in a tub), so easy to grab and use. [check out the picture on my Instagram]  

#3 Keep a Loft Inventory list. 
When you put stuff away in your loft or basement, category the items into boxes.(Ex: Documents box, toy box, clothes box) Number each box a different number.(Ex: Documents box is no 1 , toy box is no 2, clothes box is no 3) Then on the Loft Inventory list, put the numbers in order on the page and next to the number write down what category is in that box. 
I keep my Loft Inventory list in my Home management binder. 
#4 Download the Laundry App on your phone!
If your washing machine and tumble dryer doesn't make any noise when its done.
The Laundry app will let you know. 
#5 Make clothes dividers for your wardrobe, with craft foam/cardboard and a sharpie pen. Separate clothes - Jumpers, Shirts, Trousers, Skirts, Dresses... and divider them using a clothes divider.