Monday, 29 February 2016

The Journal series: Journal Daily #5 [Monthly Summary]

Hello!! Happy Leap Year!
Did you do anything special? (I did nothing lol)

So the end of the month is here and starting a new month. I have more things to add to my journal now that the month is over. So this Journal Daily post is slightly different and longer :)

A QUOTE that explains how your month has been


February memories

Things you've been loving this month


What do you want more of...

What are you looking forward to...

Plans for this month...


Outside the window

Around the house

What are other family members doing right now


List 3 things that you have been grateful for this month

Things you have learnt this month

What made you happy this month


Things you brought this month (not including groceries)


TV show(s) you've been watching
Music playlist
Movies you have seen
Websites and blogs you've visited the most
Books you've been reading

(Rate each section out of 10, and write a short summary)

Health and well being


Write down 10 things that you would like to do
Write down 5 places you would like to visit


Last thing you ate
Last thing you drank
Last time you cried
Last time you laughed
Last phone call
Last conversation you had


This month's favourites

See you next month (haha see what I did there)

Sunday, 28 February 2016

The Journal Series: Journal Daily #4

QUOTE about Strength

JOURNAL PROMPT: A song that reminds you of someone

LIST: List your fears



GRATITUDE: What sounds are you grateful for today?



Listening to
Looking forward to


Hope your enjoying this journaling journey.
See you tomorrow :)

Saturday, 27 February 2016

The Journal Series: Journal Daily #3

Welcome back to another Journal Daily post. I'm really enjoying writing these out and discovering myself in my own journal. Hope you are learning a lot about yourself too.

Journal Daily #3 .........................................

Quote: About your inner child

( Just an idea: I like to go onto pinterest and find quotes. Pretty addictive really. If you type in the type of quote your looking for, I'm sure your find one that suits your journal )

Journal prompt: What annoys you the most? ( can be one thing or a list of things )

List: Make a list of things that you collect

Favourite: Book you read when you were a teenager

Poem - Childhood

(Either you can write your own poem about childhood or you can go on pinterest and find one you like)

Gratitude: We use our hands everyday (haha obviously, someone says). We do so many different things with our hands. We wash up , we tidy up, we brush our teeth, we cook, we wipe our face, we hold hands with someone, we give hugs to our children, we write and so on.... It's amazing how many things our hands go through on a day to day basis. Make a list of all things you enjoy doing with your hands. Be grateful you have hands (haha again).



Inspiration visual board: Childhood toys

Friday, 26 February 2016

The Journal Series: Journal Daily #2

Right, finally sat down and wrote out the things for this Journal Daily #2. Sorry didn't post yesterday, had a busy day and I did say it will be daily or often. But just so you know I am sorry if you were waiting for it. I hope you enjoyed the first day of The Journal Series.

Journal Daily #2 .......................................

Quote - About being positive

Gratitude - Why are you grateful for _____________ (Name)

Journal prompt: Are you a morning or night person? List the reasons why you are a morning or night person. Also you could list the reasons why you aren't a morning or night person.

List: List the things inside your bag

Favourite: Colour and why?

A Past Memory: A time on the bus ( so basically you write about when you were on the bus. The times you remember. There must be a reason why you remember those times. Was it embrassing? Was it special? Was it funny? And so on... You can write one memory or a few)



Inspiration board - Hair colours / Hair styles

( Inspiration boards - I like to pin on Pinterest, so I was thinking that you could print the pictures off and stick them into your journal. To make an inspiration board )

Thank you for joining me in this journaling journey.

See you on the next one :)

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

The Journal Series: Journal Daily #1

As Valentine's day has been and gone, the month of love. I thought it would be nice to do journal pages about LOVE.

I really enjoyed doing my first journaling page. Made me smile thinking about the things I love. Makes me grateful for the things I have in my life. I hope it sparks joy for you too.

So here are the things to write in your own journal...

(my journal pages are below. I'm no good at doodling so you'll have to excuse that)

  • A quote related to love

  • Some of the best feelings in the world

  • 5 things you love

  • Write about a Special Person

  • Gratitude: what made you happy today?

  • Favourite flowers

  • Currently:

  • Meaningful songs/love songs

So that's it for today.

(I haven't done my meaningful songs/love songs yet. If I remember I'll post it up.)

If you enjoyed todays journaling pages , please come back for more!! :)

Sunday, 21 February 2016

The Blank Page

I don't know why but I bet most people fear the first blank page in their notebook. I really don't know what it is about why it's so scary. Maybe we don't want to ruine the first page by what we put there. We always want that first page to be perfect.

Here are some ideas of what to put on your first 'Blank Page':

Your name (The Journal of .....) 

Start date and finish date of the journal

Contact details (incase of getting lost)

Title of the Journal

List of your goals 

About you page

List of things you love

Doodle all over the page

What your grateful for

Photo of people you love or yourself 

A quote (or lots of quotes)


A collage of your favourite things

Or just leave it blank!

Reasons to Journal

Reasons to Journal:

It clears your mind

It releases stress

To record things

To remember things 

Writing is therapeutic 

Self discovery 

Helps you to connect with your emotions 

It's a problem - solving technique

To express yourself/get feelings out that's built up inside of you

Let's you be creative 

Becomes your life coach

It's cheap 

Good for meditation

It doesn't judge you

You can write anything you want 

Track patterns of behaviour 

It becomes your own history book

Introduction to The Journal Series: Journal Daily

Hello all you Journal lovers!

I'm starting a Journal series on my blog and would love it if you joined me. 
I'm starting a BRAND NEW Journal (Moleskine notebook) and going to try and write in it daily. If not daily....often.

I'll be blog posting daily or often (I say often, just in case I don't post daily).
Depending on my mood, my journaling might be different daily.

So things my journal pages will include... (this is what the blog posts will be like):

  • Journaling prompts
  • Lists
  • Favourites
  • Quotes / Lyrics
  • Visual journaling prompts
  • A past memory
  • Write about ...
  • Thoughts/views on ...
  • Areas of your life
  • Currently ...
  • This moment ...
  • Review of the month
  • Letter / Poem
  • Gratitude

So for example:

Page 1 in your journal...

Journal prompt: What things would you like to learn?

Lists: List your hobbies

Favourite: Hobby

Hopefully that makes sense. I will try and include my pages in my moleskine on the blog post (photo).

Sometimes it might be a theme to the page and sometimes it will be completely random. I'm not too sure of the layout yet but I'm just gonna go with it for now.

The title of the blog posts will be...  The Journal Series: Journal Daily #1
Obviously with the number changed. 

I'll be doing a 'Reasons to Journal' and 'The Blank Page' blog post first so look out for them. Then the Journaling Daily series will start.

Click on the links below to take you to the blog posts:
Hoping you will join me on this wonderful journaling journey! (that was a mouth full)

Enjoy xoxo