Sunday, 18 May 2014

The Mail System

I used to hate sorting the bills out and getting tons of junk mail through the door. I never used to sort it out straight away either. It used to get piled up on the kitchen counter and left there for days.
Now a days its all done and I don't know why I never sorted it out sooner as its such an easy task to do.

This is how we sort out the mail in our home...

We have a Mail rack holder and pen pot ( in case need to put any sticky notes on letters ).

I go through the mail daily, as soon as it comes through the door in the morning.
 - I throw out any junk mail (the rubbish you get through your door is madness).
 - I check when bills need to be paid, and write them in my Filofax/calendar.
 - I cut out the vouchers and pop them into my Filofax wallet (Budget organizer).
 - I write appointments and invitations in Filofax/calendar.

The letters will not be filed until Sunday (weekly), they get stored on the Mail rack holder for now (but least all information is all written down somewhere).

Then when Sunday comes along, the mail (should now be a week worth full of mail, but all written down somewhere) gets filed in the 'Home filing system' binder.

 'Home filing system' binder

 The 'Home filing system' binder is labelled and the mail gets filed into each section appropriately.

The tabs are labelled as followed:
  • Personal records
  • Health records
  • Home records (rent)
  • TV/Virgin media
  • Benefits
  • Work records 
  • Car records
  • Bills / Statements
  •  Finance
  • Pet records
  • Tax
  • Warranties (also warranty sheet gets written out)
  • Instruction booklets
  • Paper and envelopes

This is the Warranty sheet that I fill out, but this sheet gets stored in the 'Home management' binder. The actual warranty itself gets stored in the 'Home filing system' binder. This is a free printable from lifeyourway. There is also other free amazing printables on there.

- Take away Menus are filed in my 'Home management' binder (which I'll write about in another post).

I found this 'Keep it for...' sheet on cleanmama, which tells you how long to keep mail for, and other things. Also a great site for free printables. 

Well that's how I organize my Mail system. Be great to hear your ideas or see any photos on Instagram or Pinterest.

Thank you for taking the time to read!