Sunday, 19 April 2015

Swap a box around the world

Hello [Waves]!!

I have created a new facebook group called 'Swap a box around the world'.

I am very excited about it as I love to swap different things around the world and its such a surprise in what you receive. 

Here is the link: Swap a box around the world

Please check it out!! 

Here is the description of the group, to give you an idea:

Hello & welcome to the swapping world! This group is about swapping boxes of goodies around the world. There will be different swaps to join in on, you don't have to join them all. Example of swaps can be sweets, planner related, journal related, stationary etc. I will be the one to let you know when the swap is. The sign up date. The deadline. What the swap is. What price your box needs to contain. Who your partner will be.

I will give you the partner you will need to send to. No one to give addresses on the page please. When you get your swap partner, then email your partner to get their address. I'll make sure your partner is not from the same country so you can get different stuff.

Deadlines will need to be met. If fail to do so , you will be banned from the group. You will not be allowed back in the group.

I will be checking facebook profiles to see if your genuine and stop people faking another account.

Please do not post on here random swaps! I will be one to let you know when a swap starts.

Thank you! 

and here are the rules of the group:

1. You must be 18 years old or older
2. No posting non - related posts
3. No swapping on here. This group is only for the swaps I create
4. No selling!
5. No posting addresses on the group (You will email your partner when you find out who you have)
6. Deadlines need to be met, otherwise you will be banned from the group and will not be allowed to re join.
7. No double accounts
8. Any problems with your swap partner, please email me first! 
9. Swap requirements need to be met! (price of swap, the amount inside the box)
10. Please be respectful! (I will ban anyone who is not). No abuse or harassment. 

Thank you for reading and enjoy the group!!