Saturday, 27 February 2016

The Journal Series: Journal Daily #3

Welcome back to another Journal Daily post. I'm really enjoying writing these out and discovering myself in my own journal. Hope you are learning a lot about yourself too.

Journal Daily #3 .........................................

Quote: About your inner child

( Just an idea: I like to go onto pinterest and find quotes. Pretty addictive really. If you type in the type of quote your looking for, I'm sure your find one that suits your journal )

Journal prompt: What annoys you the most? ( can be one thing or a list of things )

List: Make a list of things that you collect

Favourite: Book you read when you were a teenager

Poem - Childhood

(Either you can write your own poem about childhood or you can go on pinterest and find one you like)

Gratitude: We use our hands everyday (haha obviously, someone says). We do so many different things with our hands. We wash up , we tidy up, we brush our teeth, we cook, we wipe our face, we hold hands with someone, we give hugs to our children, we write and so on.... It's amazing how many things our hands go through on a day to day basis. Make a list of all things you enjoy doing with your hands. Be grateful you have hands (haha again).



Inspiration visual board: Childhood toys

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