Sunday, 21 February 2016

Introduction to The Journal Series: Journal Daily

Hello all you Journal lovers!

I'm starting a Journal series on my blog and would love it if you joined me. 
I'm starting a BRAND NEW Journal (Moleskine notebook) and going to try and write in it daily. If not daily....often.

I'll be blog posting daily or often (I say often, just in case I don't post daily).
Depending on my mood, my journaling might be different daily.

So things my journal pages will include... (this is what the blog posts will be like):

  • Journaling prompts
  • Lists
  • Favourites
  • Quotes / Lyrics
  • Visual journaling prompts
  • A past memory
  • Write about ...
  • Thoughts/views on ...
  • Areas of your life
  • Currently ...
  • This moment ...
  • Review of the month
  • Letter / Poem
  • Gratitude

So for example:

Page 1 in your journal...

Journal prompt: What things would you like to learn?

Lists: List your hobbies

Favourite: Hobby

Hopefully that makes sense. I will try and include my pages in my moleskine on the blog post (photo).

Sometimes it might be a theme to the page and sometimes it will be completely random. I'm not too sure of the layout yet but I'm just gonna go with it for now.

The title of the blog posts will be...  The Journal Series: Journal Daily #1
Obviously with the number changed. 

I'll be doing a 'Reasons to Journal' and 'The Blank Page' blog post first so look out for them. Then the Journaling Daily series will start.

Click on the links below to take you to the blog posts:
Hoping you will join me on this wonderful journaling journey! (that was a mouth full)

Enjoy xoxo

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