Friday, 26 February 2016

The Journal Series: Journal Daily #2

Right, finally sat down and wrote out the things for this Journal Daily #2. Sorry didn't post yesterday, had a busy day and I did say it will be daily or often. But just so you know I am sorry if you were waiting for it. I hope you enjoyed the first day of The Journal Series.

Journal Daily #2 .......................................

Quote - About being positive

Gratitude - Why are you grateful for _____________ (Name)

Journal prompt: Are you a morning or night person? List the reasons why you are a morning or night person. Also you could list the reasons why you aren't a morning or night person.

List: List the things inside your bag

Favourite: Colour and why?

A Past Memory: A time on the bus ( so basically you write about when you were on the bus. The times you remember. There must be a reason why you remember those times. Was it embrassing? Was it special? Was it funny? And so on... You can write one memory or a few)



Inspiration board - Hair colours / Hair styles

( Inspiration boards - I like to pin on Pinterest, so I was thinking that you could print the pictures off and stick them into your journal. To make an inspiration board )

Thank you for joining me in this journaling journey.

See you on the next one :)

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